how seemingly insignificant events Today COULD dramatically change the FUTURE course of YOUR company?

CAN the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly contribute towards the occurrence of a tornado?  Can a disgruntled customer in a distant corner of the country have an impact on your market share or EBITDA? Probably YES.  We use our insights, robust quantitative analysis, creative blue sky thinking combined with experience based intuition to make you aware of the outcomes of your actions and strategies.

We will work with you, challenge you and at times provoke you to think beyond the obvious and work through the implementation challenges of defining the future. 

RAWLINGS Consultants is a boutique management consulting firm with offices in UK and Latin America. We offer objective and thoughtful advice to our clients. Our services range from digital transformation, strategic planning, market entry and assessment, executive education, investment and market due diligence, M&A,  business transformation , operational effectiveness, partnership management, business plans, and go-to-market strategies.

RAWLINGS was founded in 2002 in London, UK offering strategic business advice to clients in the Telecommunication, Technology, Media, Venture Capital and Start-Up sectors. We have since expanded our services, industry sectors and geographies. 

We are a firm dedicated to working closely with our clients. We are driven by the need to be flexible, offer unbiased and independent advice, rapid deployment of resources and a highly cost effective proposition to help our clients prosper.  The key to our success is our relationships, one of mutual respect, professional yet informal, with our clients.  Some of our clients have been with us for over 5 years.  Our working model uses Knowledge Masters i.e. senior consultants with in-depth and 15-20 years of hands-on experience supported by junior consultants.

As we only accept projects where we have deep expertise and can hit the ground running, we can cut your time to formulate a strategy or go- to- market/implementation timing by as much as 25% compared to other consulting firms.

We work across all sectors including manufacturing, automotive, FMCG, retail and have deep expertise in Technology & Telecom, Applied AI and Internet of Things (IoT) . We offer advice on Smart Cities, Smart Health Care, Smart Retail, Intelligent Supply Chain and Industry 4.0.

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206 Turners Hill, Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9DE, UK

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